Advanced Security and Reporting

Learn about the functionality of the Advanced Security Module (ASM) and the Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM) and how they can beef up your security, auditing, and reporting abilities. We'll cover: ...

Managed File Transfer MFT

Gartner Spotlights Key MFT Industry Findings

The managed file transfer (MFT) industry is explored by trusted research and advisory company, Gartner, which recently released its Market Snapshot: MFT, Worldwide, 2020 report which uncovers trends and findings about this popular data transfer solution. The report...


EFT Logging: A Forest of Information

Learn types of  "EFT™ Logging: A Forest of Information"! Keith Lowery, Technical Account Manager, will present an overview of the types of EFT Logging, including: Outgoing Logs  Incoming Logs Ted 6 Logs AWE Logging ...


EFT for Healthcare eBook

We understand your industry, your needs, and your pain points when it comes to a file transfer infrastructure. A managed file transfer solution can help ensure your data is protected while also maintaining compliance and visibility.

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